Piano: Check

Last night I finished all my piano on the album. Well, except for some B-sides we haven’t recorded yet, but the plan is to work on those later. Drew and Dan hooked us up with this incredible Stienway baby grand piano from Montreal Piano for these sessions, and it’s such a pleasure to play. Everything sounds amazing, each note is inspired; it makes me wish I was a better pianist. I re-did this piano jam part Murray had originally played at the end of one of the songs and this part is ridiculous. It’s like a funked-out, Sly and the Family Stone, country, cotton-pickin’ jam with clav, wah-wah and banjo. And crickets. It’s very gently conceptual and very aggressively wicked. Anyway, it felt good to get those tracks done. I motored through three songs last night. While we’re recording digital, we are still avoiding editing and punch-ins like the plague (the only difference is that now our songs have 80 tracks instead of 24, like on Gang of Losers). I did one song in one take because that’s my style; I didn’t want to jinx it by trying another pass or second guessing myself. It was just locked in and sounded right. That’s the vibe. People come in, lay down something killer, have a beer, then leave. Or, as Jason would say: “BOOM!”

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  1. Nice!! Can’t wait to hear the Stienway. It’s funny how we all wish we were a little bit better. Even Mozart wished he was a better pianist.

  2. I have been meaning to ask. What is up with the SMALL happy face on the top of this blog? Is it just because? It does make me happy!

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