It’s a Friggin’ Snowstorm!

Having a baby makes you sleep a bit lighter, sleep with one ear open for one cough too many, or for that “for serious” crying out. So this morning, while Neptune was still asleep, my slumbers were stirred by the prickly sound of tiny ice pellets against the bedroom window. I opened the curtain to an intense snowfall. The cedars in the front all weighted down and saggy, and I don’t know if the acacia tree my mom brought from her garden last year is going to make it…the branches keep snapping off. We can’t bully the forces of nature, I guess.

This could be dangerous weather; this could transform into some kind of mini-ice storm overnight. Over the past few weeks, around when I bought firewood for the season, I felt pangs of survivalism, a hanging desire for emergency preparedness. I went to the Government of Canada’s (does that mean I’m cynical?). I think we already have all the stuff they recommended so I didn’t feel so bad. I was a bit weirded out by the idea of making the emergency kit ready to go. Evacuation seems really extreme but…tap tap tap…knock on wood, you never know. The notion of a 72-hour survival kit hurries my desire to move to the country.

5 Replies to “It’s a Friggin’ Snowstorm!”

  1. Yeah, that was the only thing I could think of too. At least so far.

    The Govt. should definitely put Montreal bagels on the survival list

  2. Hmm..I guess it would depend on where you were evacuating to. Might want to add an extra 48 hours just to be on the safe side (and then throw in some extra for anything you can only get in Montreal).

  3. Well, I am skeptical that the gov is telling us everything we need to know. I think they’re just being Canadian and polite about it. Like if we had to evacuate, would 72 hours of supplies be enough? Anyhow, the snow turned nice and fluffy so it’s probably just going to get really cold now. No need to pack the gunny sack just yet…

  4. Going to the website isn’t cynical, going to the government website and then assuming that they’re lying would be cynical. The storm came through here last night but in the end it didn’t do much. Sorry if you got the worst of it. (not really that sorry though.)

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