My Favorite Blog (Winter 2007)

Now that I’ve resigned myself to being a total shut in (it’s too cold and besides I don’t have appropriate footwear…screw it I need to get some Sorels), I’ve come to rely and appreciate certain nooks and crannies of the internet. While I have my usual news sources and eclectic, techno-social haunts, I am surprisingly uninterested in the popular music blogs (as a musician they frustrate me). I prefer just reading about what’s going on in the world and the stupid crap that people do. Sometimes I’ll be led to music journalism (loads of stupid crap there!), but it’s all in the name of Holistic Internettery.

My new favorite blog is Spacing Montreal. Blog reader justinsb suggested the Toronto Spacing to me, and since finding the Montreal version, I am addicted. I can identify with the mind-blowing silliness of Montreal urban planning and infrastructure. I have been fascinated for years with the ridiculous pedestrian unfriendly des Pins and du Parc intersection (before it’s makeover…now it’s growing on me). Who thinks these things are a good idea in the first place? Why is our city perpetually falling apart? I’ve been all over the world, and while I love Montreal dearly, I can’t comprehend how the roads in a country like Sweden – that has even more unforgiving weather – are well maintained and smooth? Has anyone been up Parc, between Van Horne and Beaumont lately? Or on that bit when you come over the mountain where Atwater begins? It’s maddening and can promote some serious road rage. Don’t ask a Montrealer about potholes unless you want a heated discussion to ensue.

ANYHOW, Spacing Montreal is great. Being the self-proclaimed recluse that I am, the blog makes me feel connected, and writer/photographer Christopher DeWolf is my new, accidental, portal to the outside world (sir, if you are reading this then yes, I agree that it’s totally creepy). His reportage covers all of the island, leaving no arrondissement unturned. The antique map of Montreal in 1890 that hangs in our hallway means so much more…

2 Replies to “My Favorite Blog (Winter 2007)”

  1. You might like metroblogging as well. They have a site for Montreal

    And they also have them for Toronto, Vancouver, as well as Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Tokyo, Melbourne, Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, Rio, and a few dozen more (good when you’re planning to travel if nothing else).

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