Is MySpace Useless?

Recently, I assumed responsibility for The Dears online stuff. This mini-renaissance we’re in is so intense and kind of extreme that we decided to tear everything down and rebuild it simply. The obvious sites to get a makeover were and our MySpace. I know a bit of HTML so tearing down our website and building a discreet pageholder was easy. On the other hand, I’d never used MySpace before and it took me a while to figure it out. Am I alone in feeling that MySpace is a little counter-intuitive? How did this site get so popular? Anyway, after I replaced all the content, I was left wondering: Hrmmm…this is basically a glorified address book. Is there a point to randomly adding friend after friend? How is this increasing our online visibility exactly? And why is a band’s success measured by the number of friends they have, or by the number of times the site has been viewed? I concluded that maybe my archaic brain isn’t ready to understand it, so I soldier on, approving relevant comments (BTW…am I an asshole for not approving the random advertisements by other bands? Sometimes they can be so annoying…like telemarketers. I figure people don’t come to our site to read ads for other bands) and adding friends. I do appreciate the human aspect to it, though, which I guess is the appeal: a totally standardised, human-controlled interface with no hierarchal barrier between musician and listener.

I used to be on Friendster, and the pressure these days to get hooked into Facebook is enormous. Everybody I know is on Facebook, but I just don’t see a place in my life for a scavenger hunt into my past. Upon “surfing” the “net” I recently discovered an interesting music networking site called iLike (toward the end of the story), and further explorations revealed that The Dears are on Facebook. But of course I can’t view our profile because I don’t have the login and they keep the riff raff out that way. I wasn’t even sure how The Dears’ Facebook profile was created. But I’m into iLike, and I’m allowed to update our Facebook from there. So in your FACE…um, Facebook.

The positive side to all this was that I found a photo of Krief on his Facebook which really cracked me up. Basically he looks like a homeless, but I’m pretty sure he’s just loading gear out of his local…at least I hope that’s what he’s doing.

5 Replies to “Is MySpace Useless?”

  1. Myspace is actually making a bit of a comeback I think. It is counterintuitive but people use it anyway and, where people are so should you be I guess.

    I do alot of that kind of stuff for various people so if you want advice or have questions feel free to give me a shout beach.justin at

    Oh..and if you ever get on facebook –

    There is always the option of making up a name, putting up a picture that isn’t you and adding the people you want to (so the ghosts of your past won’t be able to find you.)

  2. Dont get facebook natalia!! Takes up so much time….I think you should buy a Nord Wave instead…have you seen that sucker yet? wooot!

  3. goddammit yes. myspace is pointless despite the recent innovations. it’s counterintuitive and quite frankly a waste of time. it’s just more meaningless internet noise like the junk mail that arrives unsolicited to your mailbox & gets tossed into the bin without even a first glance.

    facebook isn’t all that much better but it’s fun, which myspace most certainly is not. and if you’ve a common enough name (which i do-but you…ah…do not)…there’s not a chance in hell your past will catch up with you unless you want it to.

  4. I noticed the dears main page had been ‘simplified’ a bit.

    I wonder if there are enough of us fans to do a fan-collaboration type website thingy. We’re any of us fans can contribute to the website content / layout / etc.

    Of course, that was assuming you are going to change the website from what it is now. I figured, instead of paying someone else to do it, just let the fans do it on their free time. Then you guys can keep the money and make more music!

    Just a thought…

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