Another Weather Blog (Happy Holidays)

The snow melted a little over the past few days, so the weather station is working again. There was so much on the roof of our garage that the weather vane part was snowed in. That said, now it is snowing again, because we can usually rely on a white Christmas in Montreal. So this morning I am watching Sesame Street with Neptune while I have my coffee. I expect the next few days to be slow and spent with family and good friends. All the best to everyone out there. Thanks for reading and have a great holidays…oh and if you’re bored and you’d like a dark little laugh, definitely watch Ricky Gervais in Africa (recommended by justinsb). And apparently if you don’t have anyone to be with this Christmas, you don’t have to go to the bar and drink your lonliness away: spend it online, virtually opening gifts and eating at your new, Habbo dining room table with friends!

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