No Books Allowed

For some reason, Neptune wants Goldilocks and the Three Bears; I think because she’s seen it referenced to on TV, or I mentioned it and we’ve never read it. I’ve promised her that we would go out to the store and find it. I thought this would be an easy task, considering the title is canonised in children’s literature. So yesterday we went to Rockland Mall to find the story. I thought we would try the toy store there, which I recalled having a small selection of children’s books for sale.

Well, the mall is changing. The toy store has amalgamated with the kids games store that was next door. “Oh, it’s bigger! That means more selection,” I foolishly thought. We went in and I asked if they had books. The saleslady said: “No, no books.” Hunh? I scanned the shop and they had lots of toys, board games, puzzles, stuffed animals and a peculairly large greeting card section. But no books. Heaven forbid children should at all be encouraged to read. The sales lady recommended I try the Bay. The Bay was useless…so we wandered the length of the mall to the food court. We shared some french fries (another of Neptune’s current obsessions, but only when served with ketchup) and a mixed berry smoothie. We took the escalator to the lower level and walked the length of the mall again. I saw a calendar stand, stationary store, magazine shop, but no book store. The pharmacy had a shelf of franchised character books but they were all in French. Besides who wants to read Backyardigans and the Three Bears? That’s not how it goes anyway.

I inquired at the mall information desk, and they confirmed: “Bookstore? No, not anymore.” Hmmm…not anymore, which means at least that once upon a time, there was a bookstore. So we went to HMV, bought a Shrek DVD and came home. Why is book shopping so difficult? I was thinking about where I was going to get a copy of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Would I have to go downtown? Downtown is not toddler friendly. I would have to return to the only place I have success book shopping: Apparently in the retail real world, books are not invited to the party.

2 Replies to “No Books Allowed”

  1. Crazy 😦

    That’s downright disgusting. I have nothing else to add, other than this reflects the sad state of society perfectly.

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