On Vacation: 1

I just brushed a 2-inch cockroach off my arm. I felt something on my back, but I thought it was my ponytail. Anyway, I jumped, it scuttled away, we opened the door to our room to let it out but it didn’t leave. It’s still in here, hiding between the moulding and the wall.

We’re on vacation, someplace hot and sunny. It’s been years since we’ve been on a proper vacation, and we’ve already started feeling the effects of total relaxation. Pretty soon (and I can’t wait) we will get very bored and sun-burned, and allowed to temporarily forget the everyday stress of life.

So there won’t be much blogging for the next few weeks, just intermittent notes from the side of the kiddie pool. Fried eggs and churros for breakfast, and margaritas after dinner. Yes, its a very normal and boring sort of vacation, but the palm trees and nighttime sounds of crickets and frogs from the little ecological reserve next door make it worthwhile.

The other night Murray took a field recording of the evening sounds. We’ll probably use it on the record: there’s a spot where I suggested some crickets, and we had originally put a sample in there but it wasn’t quite right so now it’ll be perfect.

One Reply to “On Vacation: 1”

  1. Have a great break and say hello to Murray from me (he’ll remember).Talking of Crickets have you listened to the opening track ,Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation, on the album Caravanserai by Santana.We look forward to future developements with regards to the new recordings.
    All the best

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