On Vacation: 2 (Field Recordings)

By now the cockroach stories must be getting boring, so I’ll keep it brief: Murray battled the roach and got it out of our room, then there was another one yesterday that I vanquished. You must also be thinking: “What kind of cracked out place are they staying in?” But really its not that bad, its just that bugs reign supreme in the tropics and there’s not much humans can do about that.

Last night Murray and I were determined to get drunk. We’ve been here for ten days and no matter how much we drink we don’t feel anything. My theory is they either put fake booze in the drinks, or the sugar from the slushy pina colada mix neutralises the alcohol. We left Neptune with my parents after dinner and got right to it. Murray bought a bottle of really nice rum (called, hilariously, Don Rhon) from the shop and we drank a bit in our room. We talked about music, the album and what we wanted to do with it, the band, people and human nature, the presidential race in the US, internationally rampant repressed racism, conspiracy theories and other generally paranoid thoughts.

I think we succeeded in our mission.

I fell asleep as Murray unpacked his borrowed mini-guitar and headed down to the beach with his iPod dictaphone thingy. By now it was about 1AM and he had wanted to record some deep and kind of introspective ramblings for the album intro. I’m not sure what he did – sing or talk or a bit of both – but the Atlantic Ocean will be crashing in the background. He came back much later, tired and with most of the bottle of rum gone, said: “I really needed to do that,” before passing out.

In the morning I asked him how it went and he told me: “I got 45 minutes of stuff that’s going to get chopped up.” So, the album begins towards completion…

2 Replies to “On Vacation: 2 (Field Recordings)”

  1. My wife and I are stupidly excited about the new album. There won’t be any blog-exclusive preview snippets, will there?

    Please come to Australia again soon. We saw you last year in Edinburgh and Dublin, but it’s always better on our home soil.

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