On Vacation: 3 (Percussion)

So I am very much back form vacation, but still have a couple stories to tell. Our last days there we ventured off the resort because the food snobs in us were getting restless. We had some amazing fresh fish, simply prepared but just so good! Margaritas (with real booze) and dining on the beach were contributing factors, too. So those dinners kind of redeemed the “boring, normal vacation” part for us.

The day before we left Murray and I took a walk along the beach, where we got ‘nized. I had a feeling we’d get recognized before we left, and lo and behold…anyway, the girl was really nice and now I feel bad that we didn’t talk but we were in serious vacation mode. But let’s rewind a bit for some vocabulary: getting ‘nized.

The term was introduced to us by Benvie, who credits it to fellow Haligonian Matt Murphy. What’s up with everyone from the East Coast being so incredibly witty? We just can’t keep up over here, probably because we’re too bitter and self-concerned in Montreal. Anyhow, the term has caught on and we’ve been using it since.

Murray’s was on a quest for some real percussion…not that manufactured plastic crap they sell you at Steve’s. I mean, that stuff is good and durable for touring, but in the studio nothing sounds nicer than natural percussion. Murray found a couple tambourines, a few sets of maracas and bongos. They all sound really dynamic and organic. Basically that’s what’s left to do on the recording; what we like to call “the sprinkles.” The other night Murray and Krief were up all night in the basement working on recording a guitar line. We also have to lay down a bunch of vocals, which I think we’re just going to do in the house.

So, to conclude, it’s good to be home, even though it’s really cold here.

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