No Nods

In a completely half-assed attempt at promotion, I submitted my blog to the SXSW Interactive awards. I guess my rationale was that a nomination would be great exposure. As I mentioned a while back, I had somewhat high hopes. They were apparently way too high. Way, way, WAY too high. SXSW announced their nominations on Friday, from which this blog was excluded. I took a look at the finalists, and they are not really blogs, but full-on websites. Not sure why they call them “Weblog” awards, since most of the nominees have staff writers, advertising, slick layout and fancy programming. Basically everything out there blows my blog away.

Mine offers a simple, honest perspective, which I guess is, as I initially feared, not in your face enough. And there’s nothing I can – or want – to do about that anyway. I should get more proactive about promotions anyway. I think fellow blogger Justinsb nominated my blog (thank you!) in the Canadian Blog Awards, but I never really followed that up, so nobody really knew that they could vote for me.

Maybe it’s just the awards season frenzy: the obsession with validation by our peers, of winning and losing. Clearly I am very good at losing, or being widely ignored, so my validation comes through checking my stats, and seeing those 200 hits each day…

7 Replies to “No Nods”

  1. Hey two hundred hits a day is more than I get a week so I think you’re doing pretty darn good. Of course these “awards” may bring you some more exposure but I think a blog that gets thousands of hits a day but no comments is worth less than a blog that gets a few comments per entry.

    It’s these blogs that are the most interesting, the ones that cause us to think and discuss. Nevermind the flashiness, I’ll take the content any day.

  2. I agree. Most (not all) of the winners in the Canadian Blog Awards were not things I ever visit – just people who are good at getting people to vote for them I guess.

    Yours I visit every day, if only to check for new comments. I also plug your blog pretty regularly – Just wait until the album is closer to ready. =)

  3. Much like The Dears, I think there’s a reason why great things are often not appreciated in the mainstream. While it’s not great to be overlooked, I can certainly say that this blog, to many readers, is probably so much better for how small and intimate it is.

    Yours is a fantastic blog, and it is actually keeping in the spirit of what blogs are supposed to be about. Sites with ad staff and writers and offices are simply piping their commercial publishing through blogs, which were never meant for that. Clearly SXSW is not focused on what really matters.

  4. Natalia, I’m not sure if you listen to The Mars Volta, but the iTunes release of their newest album (The Bedlam in Goliath) has two bonus tracks, one of which is a cover of Nick Drake’s Things Behind The Sun.
    I haven’t yet heard the original, but the cover that The Mars Volta do of it is absolutely haunting. Who knows how much I can distill about people’s musical taste from the music they make, but would it be unreasonable to guess that this is music that Dears would enjoy?

    If you have the opportunity, check out the cover. It’s incredible.

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