Some Things to Read

Nothing earth-shattering, just a few links to help you get through the week. My head is still reeling from a race to the FedEx office to get my grant application off (with success!). Then the car got stuck in the snow while trying to get into two separate parking spots. So come down with me by clicking along with my internet ambling:

Wild Blue Yonder Not So Wild
– Surprise: we’re destroying our earth. So depressing.

The Tech of Obamamania: Online Phone Banks, Mass Texting and Blogs – Bet you Hillary’s next move will be to steal this idea, too. She’s so boring and predictable.

The FAIL Blog – This is really, REALLY funny. Funnier than I Can Haz Cheezburger. Really.

Poor Neighbourhoods More Dangerous for Pedestrians – I wonder if Park-Ex is included? They would have to make the streets perpetual crosswalks because I swear this is the #1 neighbourhood for jaywalking.

Bowie sings on Johansson’s Debut – I love David, and have no problems with Scarlett but I absolutely hate covers. Why are we wasting time on a grotesque, vanity project?

Hmmmm…oh, yes and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

One Reply to “Some Things to Read”

  1. Thanks for the link to the Fail Blog. That made me happy for a grand total of 20 minutes. Lots of Bush fails–I’m not surprised.

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