Lately I’ve been obsessed with how the internet is defining The Dears. I’ve been assessing some of our online profiles: you know, MySpace, Facebook, CBC Radio 3, Wikipedia. I like things to be up to date, correct and complete. I’ve been updating photos and bios, but have hit the following frustrations:

1. Facebook: I absolutely refuse to be on Facebook. I don’t need people to “find me,” or to “find people.” People “find me” all the time without Facebook. So I don’t know a lot about how Facebook works. It seems I am in constant battle with Facebook, but refuse to conform. I recently tried to create an official “business” page for The Dears, but I still can’t really do anything without a personal profile, so I gave up. The Dears have a fan-run Facebook page which is actually pretty complete so perhaps I should let go. Actually, this is me saying that I already have let go.

2. Wikipedia: You really have to be a bit of a smarty pants to make changes on Wikipedia. I’ve been trying to upload some missing album covers for our CDs, and – wow, guy – it’s like trying to get a work visa. So strict and complicated, but I guess that’s the only way they can remain an authority instead of being a free-for-all. Anyhow, we’ll see if I did it right if the album covers are still there in a week. I also found out that I can’t update The Dears’ wiki entry myself, unless I’m adding something of certain, undefined value to the entry. What kind of is frustrating about our current wiki is the strange photo of us playing in Leicster some three years ago. I just don’t feel it’s very representational of who we are today. And then, the fact that the whole entry is so obsessed with other bands instead of biographical info about us. It’s just: Keane, Keane, Keane, Morrissey, Morrissey, Blur, Jethro Tull (?). I mean, Keane are an OK band, but don’t really have much to do with who The Dears are. Why is an opening slot suddenly so much more important than our real accomplishments? Being defined by other bands is pigeonholing and that’s never really worked for The Dears. I spent an hour making edits, adding references and properly notating an “awards and nominations” section which the Overlords of Wiki deleted. I just tried adding it again; if they delete it again then I give up on it completely.

Instead of bitching about it, maybe I should be asking this: Dear readers, could you make our wiki entry more relevant and pretty? If you need to fact check, you can ask me, or don’t, just don’t make anything up. Oddly, I think you will have an easier time editing it than I’ve had.

Finally, back to my topic of maintenance. More locally I’ve removed the Wired RSS because nobody looked at it anyway, and replaced it with a music player. Initially I’ve just put Dears tracks there but I hope to create some playlists of music that I like. I was inspired by reader hack’s suggestion to listen to a particular track. So more updates, always, forthcoming.

7 Replies to “Maintenance”

  1. Apologies, it seems my typo is an example of poor representation…

    Anyway, the post has since been updated.

    Prompted by introducing a workmate to No Cities Left and his immediate response was I didn’t know Blur had a new album?! Surprised by that I have often considered the comparison of Morrisey and Keane to the Dears, to be honest it’s a little on the narrow minded side; vocally Murray is similar is some tracks to the tone of Steve Morrissey or Damon Albarn but the construction of the music between the bands is very different, for me anyway.

    Pinkie swear, I’ll concentrate when spelling the names in future…

  2. Loving the new music player seeing as, man this is embarrassing, I still don’t have a copy of Gang of L’s. Anyway, listening to the title-track via your blog and am reminded of seeing it live. My own, ahem, blog is long-since dead – though a couple of hundred people a day still shipwreck there because I once wrote about Bill Clinton (a très popular search term of late) – but here’s an entry about this very song. It’s a nice memory:

  3. It looks like they are leaving your Wikipedia entry alone? Anything else in particular you want in there?

    Personally, I think if you can manage to do this, the Dears web page and the Myspace that’s plenty (considering you should really be focusing on the music). Anything I can do to help though just shout.

  4. I’ve always been annoyed that Murray is compared to Morrissey.

    On a side note, I’ve got a great idea. Since they’re always comparing you to other bands, wouldn’t it be funny if you goofed on the idea by playing songs by the other band? Dears doing Suedehead or Somewhere Only We Know? I’d die laughing.

    Here’s another “we’re not too full of ourselves to take ourselves so seriously idea” (and you heard it hear first). Since the new it thing to do with the kids is pretend like they’re a rock band (ala the video game ROCK BAND), why not play the actual Rock Band game onstage? Murray takes the vocals, George plays the drums, and Krief takes the guitar.

    Just some ideas to break the monotony.

  5. Doesn’t that go against the whole Dears aesthetic?

    For the record, in the main body of text on the wiki page, I put that last and poorly structured sentenced.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but will we hear the fruits of Murray’s labours anytime soon?

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