“Lost” and I

Being home (and not on tour) has allowed us to fall into some fairly pedestrian routines. Usually centered around some television event, Thursday nights have become Lost night. Previous domestic lock downs have included Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, and originated with earlier seasons of Amazing Race (now it sucks).

The thing that doesn’t work very well about Lost night is that I’ve only seen a few episodes from various seasons. It’s the sort of show that has so many meandering plots and twists and sub-plots that when I watch it with Murray I’m compelled to ask a bunch of questions during the commercial breaks: “Who’s Sawyer?” and “I thought that guy was dead?” and then more queries about the Dharma Initiative, The Others and The Oceanic 6. Even I think it’s annoying.

But I’m afraid to catch up because it would mean an incredible investment in TV time. Lost is already in its fourth season, meaning hours of watching. Once on tour I tried to start from the beginning. I was in my dark bunk on the tour bus, watching the first episode on my laptop. It made me really tense: my teeth were clenched the whole time and I had trouble falling asleep. Needless to say I didn’t invest much more time in Lost. I prefer to sleep.

Lost all started on the bus. Krief introduced the first season on DVD and immediately Murray and him were cracktastically addicted. They still call each other just to talk about it and the possible “theories.” I guess this is why the show is such a success, because it is so complex and multi-dimensional. And kind of scary.

Thursday nights are still fun, despite of my naïvieté.

One Reply to ““Lost” and I”

  1. I understand the addiction, but lost eventually lost me.

    I love a good mystery but a mystery that just keeps getting more mysterious for 4 years is…I dunno I guess I have a limit to my curiosity.

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