“Don’t burn food: biofuels standards now!” – Avaaz.org

I talked about it before in my Corn Aggression post: the biofuel conundrum. Anyhow, if you want you can do something – something small but meaningful – to encourage sustainability and responsibility among our leaders:

Don’t burn food: biofuels standards now!

Please consider participating in this campaign by taking two seconds to fill out the important bits to send an email to your country’s prime minister, president, monarch, benevolent dictator, or whoever is in charge where you live.

Thanks! Back to my otherwise inane blog…

2 Replies to ““Don’t burn food: biofuels standards now!” – Avaaz.org”

  1. Don’t they use the unused stalks etc parts of the corn? But some farmers have found that by leaving the stalks in ground prior to reseeding upgr the moisture content and soil quality
    Using a huge food source such as corn for bio-fuel as well upsets the its value in world economies. Someone always ends up paying for that too….namely us.

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