Long Weekend-ey Things To Do

Being Easter weekend and all, my inbox was empty aside from my e-mail news alerts and Malaysian spam. Nobody is updating their blogs, and judging from my stats, no one is reading them, either. So I decided to try and do some Easter weekend-ey, internetty type things.

My mom was in town for a few days, and she brought this quilt she made for my sister and I like when we were kids. I remembered it and when she found it again in the house I asked her if Neptune could have it. Problem is that it’s pretty ratty in places, so my mom and I did the ultimate, Easter weekend, family thing: we quilted. We went to the fabric store and matched the almost garish pink and light green squares with a retro pattern that added a yellow element (to match Neptune’s room, of course). My mom did most of the sewing and it still needs a bit of work but it’s looking really good and I’m pretty proud of my mom and I for fixing it up. It’s gonna look great. Thanks mom!

Today I spent my free time in the afternoon redesigning our oppressive, concrete backyard. Murray and I have been toying with how to revitalize it on a budget, including taking up the concrete. Because we’re not really up for backbreaking work, and since the reasonable quote from our contractor was still too much, we’re opting for some decking, raised bed planters, pot gardening and zen-like pebbled borders. I downloaded this 3D drawing program called SktechUp, which I’d seen once before when a carpenter designed some really nice built-in bookshelves for us. It’s a neat program, and is surprisingly easy to use. Last summer I had taken precise measurements of our backyard’s ground plan, and just started working on the layout and adding the third dimension. I haven’t take any Z-axis measurements so there’s a bit of eyeballing going on…can’t wait for the four feet of snow to melt so I can get out there again!

Anyway, if you care, then Happy Easter, and if you don’t, then enjoy the long weekend!


4 Replies to “Long Weekend-ey Things To Do”

  1. hello hello!
    being a malaysian myself, i’m sorry to hear that u’re dumped with all those spamming. ahh..well.. we can’t escape that either. internet is internet, and spam would probably even come from the arctics god-knows next century perhaps?
    glad to hear that murray’s getting on the tracks well. am quite anticipating ur new album! best of luck to the dears!

    sure hope u’d play here. Incubus just did their set here last weekend. was a blast! explosions in the sky was totally mind-blowing as well.
    do drop-by if u’re free!


  2. Glad to hear that I’m not the only person who enjoys a little part-time drafting… (Used a floorplan tool to try to get the most of my tight living quarters at a few different university apartments.)

    Don’t they grow some types of grass in really shallow (~6 inch) containers? I wonder if you could just put down grass on top of the concrete. I feel like I would try something like that, with dire consequences.

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