Day Two at the Hotel

Yesterday I overheard Murray on the phone and he said: “This is the album I’ve always wanted to make.” I think he was still on a high from the killer string session. Wednesday – the first day of mixing – was spent tracking at Mountain City. From noon to 7PM. Murray kicked out the lead vocals for two songs, I did backing vocals on three, and Krief came in and did some backing vocals, too. We did a gang vocal on one track and it sounds very…motley. This is definitely not a very polished record, performance wise, but sonically it’s incredible. So from 8PM to 3AM, Murray, Rob and Drew started building the “studio within the studio.”

Hotel2Tango is 100% analogue, which is wicked since Murray wants to mix analogue. Only we recorded digital, so we had to rent some converters and put the puzzle together atop the Hotel. Murray came home tired and wired: he just wanted this day to be over and the next one to start so he could keep working.

Today (Thursday) was day two at the Hotel, but most of the session was spent trying to get the converters to talk with Murray’s laptop. Between tests, we had a children’s choir come in to record four or five takes for one track. We were all getting teary-eyed: it sounded pretty frigging awesome. After the choir left, it was back to the converters. Turns out it was something very nerdy like telling Logic which clock to use.

Anyhow, it all works now and the setup is humming. Two weeks and thirteen songs to go.

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  1. What an awesome perspective on the process! Did you use Logic on Murray’s laptop for all of the tracking?

  2. Sounds incredibly creative, artistic and mind-depleting. From the bits I’ve heard it’ll be awesome. Can’t wait to hear the entire opus .

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