What’s Going On: April Calendar

So there are some dates to remember in April…mainly for Montrealers:

April 3rd: Ibi Kaslik‘s book launch for “The Angel Riots.” Though I’ve yet to read it, from what I gather it’s a spicy, fictionalised account of hipsters from Toronto mingling with Montrealers. Indie rock just got a whole lot sexier. The word on the street: “I hope I’m not in it.” At Caigibi, and maybe there will be a top secret, solo set from Murray.

April 16th22nd: Production on The Dears album will be finished (mastering is the day before). Rejoice and jubilation.

April 26th: Krief names his band and officially releases the album he’s been slaving over for the past few months. I heard the mixes and it’s really frigging amazing – it embodies the ferocity that is Krief. Musically and emotionally. It’s a huge, dynamic album and his launch show should be rad with additional musicians. At Lion D’Or but check his MySpace for details. I’ve already booked babysitting.

One Reply to “What’s Going On: April Calendar”

  1. I Loves Gangs of Loser! I can’t waits for the news Albums.. I also Love Malajube ..

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