A Conversation About “Money Babies”

Murray: I T-Pain-ed your voice.
Me: What? You autotuned my voice?
Murray: No I T-Pain-ed it. I distorted it a little, too.
Me: Wow. I can’t wait to hear it. Its not cheesy is it?
Murray: It’s amazing.
Me: Awesome. I thought those vocals made me sound like a 12-year-old anyway so maybe that’ll add some sophistication. How’s the mix sounding?
Murray: Good, I mean this song is a beast. There are A LOT of keyboards.
Me: It’s gonna sound great.

Like I said before, everything is fair game. The things we’ve made fun of just might make it, and these same things might make some people forsake us forever. This record is beyond indie rock. There’s no turning back now: I don’t think the Dears will be defineable by any category, except maybe “Other.”

Future Rock, no, this is more like Intellectual Sci-Fi Rock. Like if the citizens of Gattaca were permitted music, “Money Babies” is the song they would listen to.

4 Replies to “A Conversation About “Money Babies””

  1. I keep feeling like you’re trying to dissuade or warn us about the record, but it’s not working. I’m only getting more excited.
    Do you guys do any pitch-correction in post, normally?

  2. I guess it’s a kind of warning, but not in a negative way. It’s a friendly reminder to expect the unexpected.

    We never use autotune, in fact we shun it. It’s totally lame. I mean, if you can’t perform on pitch, then why are you performing? I’m not saying that what we do is always on pitch, but at least it’s natural.

    If you listen to, say, old Mowtown recordings with singers doing six note harmomies, or a horn or guitar solo, there are some wrong notes in there but it sounds real and good. Real good, even.

  3. Glad to hear that — I am of the same mind, entirely. I expected no less from The very Dears, but I figured I would ask to make sure.

  4. I think the only time that auto-tune is useful is if you’ve bought limited studio time to record some demos and want to quickly throw down some harmonies that you might want to play around with at home. Otherwise, agree that it’s use in professional recording is totally lame.

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