Wikipedia: Success!

Perennially frustrated with The Dears’ wiki, I decided to get serious. I found better photos from a friend who came on tour with us (thank you, Clément). I figured out (kind of) the GFDL. And I even emailed the Overlords of Wiki to make sure the photos were OK to use. And they wrote back only a few hours later, which surprised me most of all. People actually work for Wikipedia…it musn’t be the free-for-all I took it for.

I was inspired by a friend, only know as “Guay to Guay” who was over, stealing our wifi on his iPhone, and started razzing on me because our wiki wasn’t “up to date.” I was like: “I know. I KNOW!” and got frustrated, realising that I could not let the Rules of Wiki defeat me.

I’ve let a few days pass and…yup…everything is still there. I fleshed out the entry a little bit, and added references to make us look real legit. All in all, it felt really good to close out my battle with Wikipedia. I feel like I kept the integrity and original spirit of the entry, and I fully expect it to morph into another beast as time passes.

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  1. Not sure exactly what they’re up to. I think Val is focusing on her photography. Anyway there will be some “official” info about it soon…

  2. I can only repeat what mattyu has said that it is a shame to see that Val and Martin are no longer part of The Dears.Do you know what their plans with regards to music are?

  3. This is the first I’ve heard of Val and Martin’s departure from the band (don’t have the Under the Radar issue). After such a long time, it’s sad to see them go! Can you provide an update on them?

    On another note, I think a Wikipedia entry for “Natalia Yanchak” needs to be created..

  4. We should start an entire wiki just devoted to The Dears. We can have articles that cover every Dears-related-topic in excruciating detail (like that time Murray forgot his belt before a show in Kingston and his pants were falling down — that could get its own article. Hell we could have an article just about the belt!).

    Who’s with me?!

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