Random Notes

So sorry for the lack of blog. What with the weather getting all nice (it’s supposed to be 20 C on Friday!), I’ve been mostly preoccupied with being outdoors. Neptune and I have reinstated our morning walk, and I’ve put the toboggan in storage, exchanging it for her plastic slide. We’ve been hanging out in the backyard: she plays in her surprisingly not-soggy sandbox, while I urge the snow to melt by spreading it across the sunny bits of the yard. I also organized a whole whack of empty beer bottles that were in surprisingly extra-soggy boxes, and partially dismantled a couple skids that our firewood was delivered on. I’ve been testing paint chits against the walls, too.

When not outside, I am, well, inside. Applying for grants, reading other blogs. Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence: there’s a new album I want to hear that Pitchfork actually liked! We agree on something! Who is this mysteriously astute writer…Brian Howe. I must find out more. Anyway, the album is M83’s Saturday=Youth. I loved “Before the Dawn Heals Us”: their music is unafraid, conceptual and dense, sophisticated and absolutely not ironic when referring to the past. I love it.

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