Stupid and Smart

Here are the two magazines we currently have subscriptions to:

STUPID: Vice magazine. Duh. Since I wrote for them for free years ago, they started sending me this free subscription, which never stopped. I don’t mind really, because I just read it while gawking and gasping and thinking: “This isn’t funny anymore.” I think of it as cultural research into a culture that is so overwrought it has lost its identity. Pretty mindless, but I mostly look at the pictures (probably the best part that has evolved out of the magazine).

SMART: The Economist. Super smart. They use big words and make money chuckle-worthy. I also like to look at the pictures because the captions below them are the best. I actually read articles in the Economist, though, which give me cockamamie investment ideas. My famous story is the idea to buy stock in Apple right before they launched iTunes, which was inspired by 1) being in the music industry; 2) believing in Apple and their computers; and 3) reading The Economist. Well, needless to say I didn’t have any money back then to buy anything other than beer, so that never happened. But my banker uncle keeps bugging me about what a great call that was.

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