Totally Busted: Santa Cruz

I was recently approached by the lovely Amanda Burt about Toronto’s conceptual art-party Santa Cruz making its way to Montreal. Piqued mostly by the idea that I could spend an evening with the lovely Miss. Burt, I of course agreed. I suggested, however, that I felt “too old for such art-house shennanigans,” but also was drawn by the idea of a Peanuts-inspired psychiatric booth where one receives loose-lipped words of encouragement.

Anyway, a few emails were exchanged and I guess I made it into the press release because I got this Google News Alert:
PARTY MAVENS: Santa Cruz Eagle Eyes

So I’ll be there and you should too, I suppose.

2 Replies to “Totally Busted: Santa Cruz”

  1. You’re never too old. I get told sometimes that I’m ‘too old’ for some of the things I do – but only by people my age who have stopped doing those things, never by the other people who do them. I feel no need to be the youngest person in the room and am quite ok with being the oldest. Even going out to shows, people my age will say ‘aren’t you a little old for…’ But I’ve always liked live music in small venues. I never went because I was young, I went because it was something I enjoyed and I’ll keep going for as long as I find it enjoyable.

    People, I think, should stop letting their age restrict their activities. At some point their health may restrict their activities but that’s entirely different and can happen regardless of age.

  2. Wise words justinsb, I sometimes wonder if I’ll still be able to go out and do all the things I do now and not look like an old creep. I guess the best way to go about it is to not think about it.

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