Pop Montreal Bio Writing 2008

The time of year I look forward to most, Pop Montreal Bio Writing Season, is open. This is the second week now that I have been randomly assigned a bunch of bands to write bios for the Pop Montreal program/schedule book thing. As I troll the MySpaces and Wikis, I have a few returning thoughts:

1) How do people listen to and discover new music themselves? I mean I guess this is why bloggers, tastemakers and pitchforkers have become so relevant. In a time so saturated with recorded music and emerging bands, it is impossible to single-handedly refine an independent opinion. It would be a life’s work, which is I suppose why people entering their late-twenties/early-thirties get so bitter: their musical knowledge is crystallizing and the energetic scope of their youth is slowly trickling away (along with the tolerance for all-day-all-night partying). For example, say you ask a 22-year-old who they’re voting for in the election, you are likely to get the response: “Um, I don’t know. I don’t vote. Uh, the Communist Party? There’s an election?” (unless, of course, their father previously forced them to volunteer for the Liberal party or something). Anyhow, a decade later, they will probably reply: “I cancel my ballot,” or “The lesser of two evils,” or “NDP.” At least this example works for people who read. People who don’t read won’t ever get to that point. They swirl in social oblivion forever.

Wow. That was a really long aside. Anyhow, bio writing observation 2): What the frig is up with every second band literally being an electro-pop band? Out of the 15 bands I was randomly assigned, eight of them were dance pop. Still, I am enjoying this process. And while I make my own, feeble attempts to stay current, I find the listening and discovery of music from emerging bands wholly educational and entertaining. Edutaining, if you will.

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