Shoes off, laptop out and hand over the iPod

Not sure what to make of this one: iPirates risk jail time in customs frisk. By implementing moves only accurately described as “draconian,” are our governments conspiring against how we consume music? Well, I mean they have been conspiring for a while…the UK gov has already implemented ISP charges for major downloaders, and Canadians flipped out when the fines for copyright infringement kicked in. But enforcing it at the airport? That’s likening the process to, well, smuggling. Which I guess it is, in a sense, since they call it “pirated music.” As a traveler, this just seems like an enormous pain in the ass. As if making us take off our shoes and “randomly” swabbing our laptops for traces of explosives wasn’t bad enough…

One Reply to “Shoes off, laptop out and hand over the iPod”

  1. Have you had this happen to you? It seems like an incredibly tedious process to check for ownership on every ipod.

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