Nas vs. O’Reilly

Fox News has never been one for being particularly impartial or unbiased: I find it hard to watch because everything they say is so heavily spun. I’m of the mind where news should be unfiltered information, details and facts of an event. Sadly no American news is delivered without some editorial spin, which is why I try to read lots of different versions of the same story: so I can strip down the bullcrap and take away the facts I need to make my own opinion.

Recently, Nas was involved in a protest calling out Fox news and especially commentator Bill O’Reilly (Fox’s Rush Limbaugh) as racist. Then O’Reilly hit back with child-like name-calling, and saying Nas is just getting involved to boost his record sales.

The story I read was that Nas retorted with the zinger: “It’s what he’s supposed to do. He has an image to uphold. He’s a racist. Everybody has a marketing plan; his marketing plan is racism”. But apparently this is a quote from an earlier battle between the two in 2007. Still, an excellent remark. Zung.

So there you go. Nas is a smart dude, O’Reilly is a whiny dinosaur, and all media can be twisted to tell a better story.

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