Humidity, Weather, Mushrooms, Boring

When it’s really hot for days in a row, we can hear the house expanding in pops and creaks: the wood floor bloating in the humidity, rubbing up sweaty against the nails. I could handle the hottest day ever but the humidity makes me want to pass out and sleep until it’s over. I swear it’s been making me foggy-headed. Lately I’ve been a little socially demented, and either saying the wrong thing or blurting out something that is, well, lame. So I apologise to anyone to whom I’ve expressed something lame…though in my experience, people don’t generally notice these social gaffes, the ones that we agonize over internally. It would be nice if it would stop raining, and therefore be less humid, and as a result the gauze could be lifted from my brain. But it’s one of those summers, and it’s been raining steadily since April. Towns in Quebec are being flooded and washed away by rising waters. The only plus side for me is that I don’t have to water my garden. The plants love it: we already had a zucchini harvest and I see more on their way. And there are a lot of mushrooms sprouting up. Neptune and I like to point out mushrooms to each other when we go on walks to the park, though I enforce a strict “don’t ever touch them” policy. Mycologists must be ecstatic. Did you know that in Montreal, if you have a mushroom in your garden, you can bring it to the Botanical Gardens and they will identify it for you? I haven’t done it but I have this turd-like fungus growing in the front that I’ve been tempted to bring over. Fascinating, I know.

8 Replies to “Humidity, Weather, Mushrooms, Boring”

  1. It’s pretty much the same all over I think. Here in Toronto we have the same thing – I just got back from 2 weeks in the north and alot of the days were like that too. Fortunately we were on the water so we had alot of cool breezes and, failing that, could jump in the lake. Try not to melt.

  2. the good metaphors near the beginning of the post are wildly superseded by the use of the adjective ‘turd-like’ near the end…

  3. but this new song sounds amazing. great headphones song. granted, headphones are all i’ve heard it through so far. fantastic. thank you.

  4. I don’t know if it is similar in Canada, but here in Switzerland there is a mushroom control association. They handle picking limits and protected mushroom species, and they will help you identify poisonous or edible crop. My colleague gave me an impression that many people pick mushrooms here! P.S. The track post on is fantastic! I don’t know how I will wait for the rest of the album.

  5. As one who intermittently copy-edits your blog, allow me to add my contribution to the accretion of kudos re: that opening sentence… “the wood floor bloating in the humidity, rubbing up sweaty against the nails.” Worthy of Philip Larkin is that little…now, what’s the word I’m searching for?…ah yes, nugget, that’s it.

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