XM: The Verge Award

Awards, prizes and band contests are fairly hilarious because they are so political and cannot be taken at face value. And while the recognition is wonderful – the feeling of being deemed the “winner” exhilirating – it’s not why The Dears make music. So anyhow, every now and again we get a courtesy nomination or something of the like for some award or prize or another. The latest is XM’s The Verge awards: I’m not sure exactly what they are, but everybody in Canada who has a band is nominated. Anyone can vote for The Dears in the “Best Artist” category. It’s gonna be a free for all, and some totally corporate band who hired a bunch of kids to vote everyday for them is going to win. And that’s what some bands want, which is great. It’s like those year end reader’s polls that magazines and other publications do: a morbid competition; irresistibly tawdry popularity contests. Cue mass eye-rolling…now!

5 Replies to “XM: The Verge Award”

  1. The only eye rolling I am doing is toward your pessimism.

    Although I am not a great fan of awards in general I am thankful that some of my favourite bands are being recognized here. It is about time! As for “everybody in Canada who as a band”, I disagree, I see a few that I’d like to be on here missing.

    Looking forward to more Dears music and less complaining about entities that seem to be trying to support The Dears and other bands in Canada.

    Why hate if it is creating just a bit more awareness for your band and your music?


  2. The very fact that The Dears keep getting noticed is a huge bonus. So glad you are still making beautiful music together. Hope this next one is also a Juno nominee.

  3. uhhh, music awards are so obnoxious. I’m glad you guys don’t take them at face value. But cheers if you win.

  4. Dare I say, pleating, that Natalia has a point? I mean take a look at the list of nominees. There’s, like, maybe a hundred. I do see a few missing. Like my reggae/ska outfit from the early 90s! Seems more like an attempt to draw attention and web traffic to the award-giver than anything else. I’m not sure what else to conclude from such a laundry-list of nominees. It would be a tad less suspect if they actually did the work to narrow it down.

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