Our News Hits The News

Just want to send out an enormous thank you to everyone. Yes: I’m putting a general, positive vibe out there, in response to the great support from everyone out there. All of your emails and encouragement via Facebook and Myspace are motivating. Can’t wait to get back out there again. As Murray said, this past year has been hard. The band falling apart was tough, but Murray and I have been there before, in that same exact situation with End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story. And putting out that (our first) album, was the beginning of a new era for us personally and also for Canadian music.

With indie rock in a vestigial fade-out (I read even perennial UK indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs proclaiming the genre “boring”…Mr. Wilson, I wholeheartedly agree), the climate is shifting, and Missiles is definitely part of that shift. It is not indie rock, so I don’t feel so bad that Pitchfork has ignored our press releases completely. It’s a diss, but they’ve been reluctant supporters from the beginning. I’d rather be pushed to the outside: I’m used to it.

I also love – and without sarcasm – that NME.com ran the story quoting this very blog. It is a bit of an obvious move on their part to link us to Morrissey, but whatever, that’s what they do, and I respect the Moz greatly so I don’t mind. In all of this, I stand by my quote: “We hope everyone would like [Missiles], journalist or not, but we understand that there are many haters out there so it’s out of our control.” Because the haters really are out there: hating with gusto! Remember in grade school when that bully would push you around, only for you to realise later that actually they had a crazy crush on you? That’s what I think is really going on there…

So thank you to everyone, lovers and haters. See you all very soon.

8 Replies to “Our News Hits The News”

  1. Why must it always be a wild roller coster ride with you guys. I’m beginning to think you do it on purpose. I would feel bad, but you records albums and travel the world for a living. So I’ll pass on that. booo to the haters! You so right, they secretly love you.

  2. Very excited about the new album and the upcoming shows! (I hope you are able to make it down to the SE part of the U.S.)
    -On of the lovers (zealously trying to spread the word)

  3. I was certainly surprised to hear the news. It will be odd seeing a different Dears lineup after having seen so many shows with the previous incarnation (although, admittedly, with some personnel shifts over the years).

    Having said that, I am indeed looking forward to seeing my next Dears concert, as well as hearing the new album. Best of luck to everyone in the band, past, present, or future.

  4. Natalia,

    I’ve been a Dears fan for about four years now, but have only just discovered your blog. This really just a note to say “thanks” for carrying on, despite everything. Your music has got me few a few personal dramas, and I remember listening to the Protest EP on one of the worst days of my life. (The Dears are one of *those* bands for me.) Also, I know you’ve been to Australia a few times now. How about a side-trip to New Zealand next time?

    Best to you + Murray

    Auckland, New Zealand

  5. I love you guys!!!
    Try for 2 shows in Toronto so that I get to see at least one show. The Dears are an awesome live show.

  6. hey, i dont think there are really many haters out there are there? do people really care that much? as for the kaiser chiefs, i dont think we need to pay any attention to anything they say do we? theyre hardly the voice of a nation. i predict a massive yawn. i am interested to hear the new album. why did you leave arts and crafts (and bella union??)? they dont seem to be labels you would ever want to leave as artists to my mind!

  7. Forgive me, but I gotta say this.

    I’ve enjoyed the Dears for a number of years now. But I have to admit that some of your more recent blog posts have kinda put me off, Natalia. This whole ‘haters’ thing has become so tired. Really.

    Actually, it’s more lame than tired.

    There’s a part of me that continues to come here for the Dears updates. But another part of me dreads the inevitable post lamenting how little respect the Dears get from ‘so-and-so’ mag or ‘such-and-such’ website. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: why give these people the time of day?

    Must the Dears be loved and adored by everybody? By most people? By ANYONE? Pitchfork ignored your press release. So what? Isn’t that their right?

    It’s no secret that the Dears’ earlier work borrowed heavily from the Smiths/Morrissey blueprint. Intentionally or not. And so have many other bands. Therefore, is it really so shocking that NME – AKA: “New Morrissey Express” – would pounce on any reference you make to Morrissey, their deity?

    Haven’t you heard of the ‘any publicity is better than none’ logic? What really is the problem here?

    It’s all a bit sad, really.

    Having said all that, I’m still a fan and will pick up the album when it comes out. I just wish you’d let some of this other baggage go. My condolences for your loss of the other band members. I’ll miss the excellent guitar work and drumming, but I’m confident that you’ll bounce back.

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