Three Down…

…hundreds to go. Last week was like a dream. Our first three shows were great. I mean, personally not my most perfect performances, but also not total major mess ups (like the time I forgot how “We Can Have It” starts when we were opening for Morrissey). Anyhow, I don’t even know where to start or what to say. It’s too early for that: I still need you to decide for yourselves. I need to read what you – and by “you” I mean the audience, the listeners, the bloggers, the readers – have to say. So far, I’ve assembled this:

The Dears at Hamilton, ON (by rafapf) – Photos
Imprint Online – Review of show at Waterloo, ON
Montreal Gazette Words & Music Blog – Review of show at Montreal, QC

There’s probably more stuff; about to be written, not yet written, not ever to be written, things people are saying, or not saying. Can’t wait to read it, hear about it, learn as we go along. Krief and George came out to see the Montreal show which was really awesome…spoke to them both a bit afterwards and they were very supportive. That was great. Apparently the Toronto shows are both sold out so more to come…

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  1. Your Waterloo show was absolutely fabulous according to Andy. Superlatives cannot even describe the magic of The Dears on stage. Thanks for the music.

  2. The Waterloo show was indeed amazing. The new album songs sounded incredible. I wish I could go to the next shows in toronto. My friend and I said hello after the show but thought it might be weird to mention reading the blog. Anyways, love the blog(dears info + politics=swell) and love the band. Keep it up! Also, dope wars was best played on graphing calculators during high school calculus.

  3. the waterloo show definitely sounded great. new songs sound really good, and probably the best rendition of 22 that i’ve heard/seen. it rocked.

    in hamilton the next night the sound seemed a lot muddier to me. the background vocals and the synths seemed to get a bit lost. which is too bad because at the waterloo show i thought to myself how good the mix sounded especially when natalia’s vocals were coming through clearly (great lead vocal take on that one new song by the way!). it was pretty funny to see murray joking around mid-song on stage. pretty tough to imagine that happening too much back in the day…

    anyways, i just read about possible on-line documentaries to be released. i always thought what with natalia’s knack for the written word and inside knowledge of all things the dears that a tell-all memoir would eventually be released probably circa-2015!!

  4. I really enjoyed the Hamilton show. It was surprising how sparsely attended it was but I suspect the show wasn’t advertised widely in Hamilton. If the show had happened on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday, I suspect you folks would have made the covered of the local weekly (The View) and have packed the place.

    The show was great and one of the better Dears shows I’ve ever seen. Murray was talkative (which was surprising) and the band was quite tight despite the new line-up. Will you folks be taking this line up on a longer tour, is this a temporary line-up or will this be the working line-up for the next while?

    I bought a t-shirt. Not a common thing for me to do. I bought the black one, with what looks like EEG traces from a visual evoked potential. Nice. Also nice was the card with 5 free digital downloads. In fact, the order I list those is backward; the 5 free song card convinced me to get the tee. It is a nice bonus to get a discount on Missles too.

    After downloading the songs, I wondered if you’ve thought of making live soundboard recordings available digitally. “Thank you. Good night. Sold out.” contains some of my favorite renditions of Dears songs. Also, I and my friends noticed on the last tour many of the Gang of Losers songs sounded better live (I thought the keys were too far down in the mix on GoL and the keys always seem more prominent live). I’m not sure if there are record company issues and what not, but I’m sure many who attended your shows would happily drop $5-10 dollars on iTMS or another service for a live recording of this or other shows. Just a suggestion.

    Sorry for my rambling comment, I posted a few photos from my lousy camera on facebook, here’s the public link:

    Thanks for the music.

    C. Taylor

  5. Since I was in Montreal for the Nick Cave concert and you guys had such a late start, I managed to catch both shows. Having seen The Dears so many times, I can say that this was definitely a memorable affair. The new line-up, the showcase of unfamiliar songs, the odd venue, and the circular arrangement of band and fans all made this something out of the ordinary.

    While it’s hard to keep details straight when hearing a set of mostly new songs (and coming from the high of the earlier concert), I can say that it was great to see the band in action again. The new songs sounded very good; and my wife remarked that your vocals, in particular, sounded more clear in the mix than at any other show she’s seen from you.

    I’ll write a longer review later but the summary is that I had a fun time and I’m looking forward to the next concert.

  6. Hey Natalia,

    I wish we’d been able to make it to the Montreal show, but you know how it is…
    Any place to buy (or at least see) your merch online?

  7. Just got back from the first Toronto show, seemed like the magic of The Dears is gone. Let’s hope tomorrow night is better.

    Great venue, though.

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