Getting Ready

It happened quite quickly, but we are really touring again. I think I perhaps wasn’t fully prepared to be in it again, and even though I miss touring (last week’s trip was a fun reminder), I was really into our domestic vibe. The past few weeks have been pretty stressful and the domestic schedule had fallen apart completely. We still get in a lot of family time but the dinners have been less of a production. Though Murray’s pizza is absolutely killer, and he whipped that up on Sunday.

In all the preparations, I think we’ve over-prepared. Montreal weather being so unpredictable, we’ve gotten the house ready in case of an early deep-freeze: turned off the hoses, removed the air conditioner, bring in the rosemary, put away the outside toys, etc. In other words, absolutely boring stuff. Now I’m packing. I realised that I’ve had to pack twice (once for me, a second time for Neptune). It reminds me of how over-prepared I like to be, which is fine, but it’s like a huge logic puzzle to solve: find the most practical, weather-appropriate and interchangeable wardrobe for each of us. And then put it in the smallest suitcase you can. I’m anti-over-packing. I attribute that to vacationing in Europe with my parents as a tween and having to fit everything I wanted to bring into one carry-on duffle bag. Back then: 1) checked bags ALWAYS got lost; and 2) there were no carry-on restrictions.

We also had to vote in advance because we will be in England on election day. I’ve never done that before, but it was kind of great because there was nobody there. I also felt very civic. Can you feel civic? Because I wouldn’t say that I felt civil, but more that voting in advance filled me with civic pride. OK. That’s what I meant. Anyhow, this feeling was reinforced by my walking along Jean-Talon, rebuking political canvassers with: “Oh, no thank you. You see, I’ve already voted.” But in French so it was less eloquent and more like: “J’ai voté déjà.”

I guess I voted strategically, depending on what your strategy is. I’ve found the two following election-tracking websites pretty interesting and informative: Vote For Environment and Democratic Space.

2 Replies to “Getting Ready”

  1. Love the blog… long-time listener, first-time caller.

    Saw the Saturday show in Toronto; you and Murray looked in top form (I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as relaxed and, well, overtly happy). The new guys, given how short you’ve all been playing together, also sounded pretty damn tight.

    Old songs were good, new songs very well received, and while “Crisis I and II” and “Lights Off” predictably killed, I was pleasantly surprised how great “Dreams” sounds live.

    But yeah, it was good to see how relaxed and happy you all look.

    Thanks… It’s good to have you back.

  2. I was entranced by your live show.
    Thought Murray’s tributes to Nunya,Renaud, & the new bandmates heartfelt and touching.
    You rock!!!!

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