London Tonight; Toronto Last Week

This is the second attempt to finish this post. Yesterday, at the Rough Trade store in Brick Lane, the internet connection just did not approve. I tried two different computers and had a very witty and well written first paragraph suddenly disappear. It was much better than this first paragraph.

We are in London and play Porchester Hall tonight. With the help of alternating pints of beer and double macchiatos, we have conquered the jet lag and I’ve been waking up feeling very well-rested and normal. Adjusting when we get back home is going to be rough. I’ve found that staying incredibly busy – as we have been, having completed an 8-hour press day yesterday, followed by an in-store performance – doesn’t allow for any fading away or moments of exhaustion. You just go, do things, do interviews, do acoustic shows. The secret (apart from the pints/coffee equation)? Drink lots of water.

You can listen here to our BBC 6 Hub session with George Lamb (this link expires in a week).

Seven days ago, we were in Toronto. Murray and I did a TV interview with MTV, and I realised during that my socks were not exactly matched. While both black, one was slightly more faded and had a textured stripe through it. I was kind of embarrassed and I don’t know if you can see but I am always touching my ankles while seated, self-conscious as the odd socks peeked out.

That was before our Thursday night Toronto show. It went well enough, but while we were playing, the venue was having their liquor license revoked. There was an odd energy in the air: between that and our nerves playing out. After a post-show sing-a-long (which seems to be our new favourite backstage pastime) we all went for Guinness pints and street meat/veggie dogs.

Although we got home after 2AM, Murray and I had to be at the CBC for 8AM Friday morning. We did Q with Jian Gomeshi: catch the podcast here. We had a 10-hour press day – literally Murray did not finish until 6PM. It was exhausting and exhilarating, and I brought Neptune by for part of the day just so we could see her.

We had time for a cat nap before heading back to the venue. Friday night’s Toronto show was incredible. The audience was great and I don’t know what it was but it was our best show yet. Murray said it may have been the best Dears show in history. The songs were near perfect…we were just gelling on stage, having fun and being into it. It’s incredible: new beginnings, new beginnings (joke for McCarron).

9 Replies to “London Tonight; Toronto Last Week”

  1. I really enjoyed seeing you guys at the Porchester last night. The band looked really comfortable and you were all taking obvious pleasure in performing the new songs. Although it’s a fantastic venue, I thought the sound man let you down–the sound was pretty muddy all show, and the words in the vocals were almost entirely indiscernible. Still!–amongst the new stuff, I really liked the one that you sing lead on, “Dreams”(?), and the one you played for the encore.

  2. AND I refrained from shouting out “Heartless Romantic!” and avoided looking like a total fanboy nerd.

  3. I am a virgin blogger, but had to logon and say how fantastic you were at Porchester Hall last nigtht. I have not had the chance to see you live prior to last night and when I found out you were dropping in to London, I immediately got tickets and have been counting down the days ever since.

    I think the venue was spot on and my expectations of seeing you live were exceeded no end. I must admit I had downloaded Missles prior to the gig, as I really wanted to get ro know the songs prior to last night, which I am so pleased I did (I will of course buy the album when released). I absolutely love the new album and am amazed how you can continue to produce such genius material.

    It was nice to see you put in a few of your classics and I thought Bandwagonerrs and of course The Death of all Romance were just the icing on the cake. My favourite however is The Second Part and I would have made up if you had included it in the set.

    I just want to finish by saying thankyou very much indeed for a truly fantactic and memorable night and I just wish your stay was longer than the one night only. All the best on your tour and I look forward to when you are back on British shores again.

  4. This is my first blog entry but, as some noticed fot themselves, I was longing to send it since the Porchester venue.

    It was a strange daydream yesterday. With a friend of mine we came from Paris to see you play ; it was my first trip to London, as a celebration journey for personal reliefs. We wandered here and there, spoke english all day long (loved it), stopped at the Rough Trade shop, but I didn’t walk in the door… Odds.

    When we arrived at the Porchester Hall, I was kind of nervous. Having bought the tickets on the internet since France, I was fearing a dreadfully ironic last-minute bug with a final ‘sorry but we don’t have any tickets for you’. As I was checking our names for the gig, my friend told me ‘you’ve just met Murray Lightburn without noticing him’. I turned around, Murray was just there.

    I must say I’ve always been phobic about having a ‘fan’ behavior towards the bands or artists I widely respect. But when Murray was just in front of me, I wanted to tell him how important, subtly in phase with my feelings and inner ‘demons’, your music was for me and my life – also that I came from Paris to see you.
    But I can’t. It could be annoying, awkward.

    When you wrote you were at the Rough Trade shop, I told to myself ‘it was meant to be like this’.

    So ‘le bouquet final’ : the show. Amazing room and atmosphere, overwhelming energy between you guys and flowing to us, great songs. As always.
    And I fell in love with Laura.

    We came back to Paris at dawn, without having slept, half drunk and not quite sure about the reality of all this.

    Sincere thanks for your music, your shows and your obvious desire to share this with us. See you at la Flèche d’Or, Paris…

    (Sorry for being this long).

  5. The friday show in Toronto was definitely amazing. I hadn’t even heard about the show but earlier that day I saw the new members in Steve’s music and asked about any shows in TO(even luckier that I had come into TO from Guelph that day). The band definitely sounded tight. I thought the waterloo show was amazing but this one definitely had a group unity going on. The harmonized guitar solo in whites only had the two new guits meshing and everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying playing rather than nervous. The new songs once again sounded amazing. Seeing the dears twice in three weeks was pretty awesome.

  6. I was there on the Friday night and I have to agree that it was nothing short of inspiring! Such a great show. Thank you for continuing to make such excellent music and giving 150% on stage.

  7. Having not seen you since your last visit to the UK, last June, it was just brilliant to see you 2 nights in a row.With such a small crowd at Rough Trade it felt like a very intimate gig and it was nice to hear the new material for the first time.The Porchester Hall gig was just fantastic,the new line up cannot be faulted at all.The ‘old’ material as well as the new just sounded so great and it was very evident that you were all enjoying the proceedings.Chatting with the new band members after the show you could tell they were well pleased with how it went.It was nice to meet up with you and Murray again and we look forward to your return to the UK. asap.Its a shame I cannot post photos on here as I have some nice ones of both evenings.

  8. Seeing you guys at the Porchester Hall was a bit of a dream come true – I thought I might never get the chance. We travelled across from Bath and stayed the night in London. Following Murray’s post on MySpace we had also downloaded the Missiles album – I wouldn’t have done it if we hadn’t been coming to see you but I knew how much better it would be if we already knew the music. I have the official release on order too and I’m looking forward to having the new CD in all its glory. So when I saw you performing the new stuff it was about my fifth listen, and I knew it was such a rare thing for the gig to be that moment when the new material would crystallize into the true beauty of all your music. My wife stood and cried while we watched you. The new band was superb and we could have stood and watched you forever. Thank you for the beauty of it all…

  9. hey- it’s sarah from IHS liberty and arts seminar from summers back in Philly. i’m excited to see you’re playing in Seattle real soon and i’m psyched i finally get to see the dears live!
    i’d love to meet up if you have time for a drink/ coffee that night or the next day, if you’re sticking around seattle. feel free to hit me up at happy travels! hope you get more rested in the meantime!

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