Guest Blogging

Hunh. I recently guest blogged for This is Fake DIY. An interesting exercise.

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  1. I just read your blog on This is Fake DIY. Interesting… Like you, I had occasion recently to trawl through a lot of unknown music to decide who I wanted to go and see at the Glastonbury Festival, which I hadn’t been to for ten years. As a musician, I wasn’t totally out of touch but there were a bewilderingly large number of bands I knew absolutely nothing about until I listened to them. So I based my decisions on the music I liked – bands that I felt were doing something new and original on the whole, and on the way I came across a variety of labels – ‘math rock’ for instance to describe Foals and Battles, and Mary Anne Hobbes of Radio 1 describing a band as a ‘crossover between dark dubstep and deep house’ (or was that deep dubstep and dark house..?). It can all become rather meaningless. Of course assigning labels allows the prospective listener to make some choices but if he uses the label to define his choices then he’s likely to miss out on so much.
    I think there is more openness now though than there was when I was younger (I’m 49). In the seventies there would be absolutely no crossover between a heavy metal fan, a disco fan, a punk, a soul-boy etc. etc. (at least here in the UK.) These categories were absolute boundaries that defined who you were, who your friends were, and what you listened to, and were terribly restrictive. (Lots of ‘haters’…) I personally think that things are better nowadays. ‘Indie’ is a hugely nebulous term now but I suppose is an attempt to define a band’s music as ‘happening’ and ‘relevant’ whatever that actually means, but I don’t know if it necessarily excludes that much new music…
    I think that most of us have genres of music that we don’t really want to go too near but the joy of just putting on some new music for which you have no preconceptions, and coming across something that is truly great amongst the mediocrity makes for wonderful moments in life for which there are no substitute. I had that (and still do) with The Dears of course.

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