From The Airplane

Since we left California its been raining non-stop. My jacket is perpetually soaked – things just don’t dry out on the bus, even though when I wake up every morning in my bunk I am completely parched. The humidity doesn’t reconcile for whatever reason. Our shows in Portland and Seattle had good turnouts and Murray and I met some super nice bloggers and blog readers afterwards. Even though I caught cold (probably due to perpetual alternations between sogginess and dehydration), my voice barely made it through the last gig, yet am truly grateful to everyone who came out and to the general success of the tour; to the graciousness of Secret Machines, the awesomeness of my band mates, and to the support of our label, friends and families.

I’m on the plane now, flying Seattle to Montreal: in 4 hours travelling what took us 18 days to complete. Additionally, I am writing this the old-fashioned way: paper, scribbly unpracticed letters with a hotel room pen. Surprised there are no gadgets involved? Neptune’s watching the Emperor’s New Groove on my laptop and the Blackberry is nearly dead. So to paper these thoughts are recorded – a reminder that I remain manually literate in a disgracefully digitally-dependent world.

Oh, and it was still raining when we got back to Montreal. We never should have left California.

2 Replies to “From The Airplane”

  1. Hey Natalia! The Dears are always welcomed in Southern California especially Los Angeles to enjoy the great weather! I have not been able to take Missles out of my cd player! It’s an incredible piece of work!

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