From the Husky in Hearst, ON

We spent a few days in Toronto, at the mercy of the weather, of the snow, of the cold. We left a 30cm snow fall behind, and prepped ourselves for this Jingle Bell Rock tour. Our first show entailed a lot of sitting around, waiting for our chance to figure our stuff our while other figured out theirs. We ate a lot of food, too. That’s just something that you do on tour when you’re bored, and there’s two catered meals backstage. We just eat. Wait and eat. And always the first few shows I gorge myself, then realise that I can’t do that every day so by the time we get to Winnipeg I think I’d have adjusted.

Our first show was actually pretty good. We haven’t rehearsed or played together since the Apple in-store a few weeks ago, but it was clear that that was not an issue at all. On the technical side, our shows on this tour are just going to get better as we get a few shows in. Metric is travelling with full production so we have the same monitors, the same lights, and the same stage set-up every night. All the bands are going to get in to a pretty solid rhythm…its almost too bad the tour is so short!

The first night we hung out in the backstage we were sharing with Tokyo Police Club and Sebastien Grainger and met everyone and their crew. Things have been running generally very smoothly. We were in Toronto for a few days, and I spent a lot of time with my friends and family…none of whom I will see for the holidays because of how and when this tour is wrapping up.

Also we traded our Secret Santa names on the bus. Murray suggested it but Laura has taken it over. Also, Yann is dying to know who everybody has. I can’t even tell Murray, which sucks because everyone else is allowed to tell their boyfriends/girlfriends not on the bus. I already have an idea of what I’m getting for my Secret Santa. I’ll definitely give a full report of that…most likely from Kamloops.

I should start taking some pictures. We have been driving for 8 hours and are only halfway to Thunder Bay. It’s really snowy out there, and we’re travelling convoy style with Tokyo Police Club’s tour bus. It’s gonna be a long day on the bus, and the wifi is not working very reliably…which is why I’m taking this truckstop moment to post…

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  1. Hello! Super awesome show last night! you guys sounded great, not to mention really loud. really like the new haircut, very pretty. Anyways hope the rest of the tour goes well.

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