Rolling in to Edmonton

The bus – or convoy of buses we’re traveling in – is rolling into Edmonton now. Since we got to Winnipeg it has been brutally cold outside. Neptune’s one piece MEC snowsuit has really come in handy. I think it is snowing outside, but I can’t be sure…the darkly tinted windows on the bus are dirty and deceiving. They make every town look doomed. But I can be certain of one thing: the cold.

Today we’re at the Shaw Conference Center; where I remember I have been before for a Junos gala a few years ago. I wonder if we’re playing the same room? It would also be nice to go to a mall: someplace warm and indoors where Neptune could run around and I could shop for my Secret Santa.

Last post I promised pictures…I took a couple but haven’t uploaded them yet. Maybe my next blog will be photos only.

2 Replies to “Rolling in to Edmonton”

  1. ooooooooooooh that sounds really cold….
    i thought it was cold here in holland but you guys must be wearing long johns…..
    did you find a warm place for neptune to play? doesn`t she go crazy on the bus…like i just can imagine my son Liam like he`s nearlly 3 (going on 50)and he would be trying to drive the bus afther a couple of hours…do you know charlie and Lola i think she would love that…
    well i just wanted to wish you all well and have a great xmas..
    you know what my secret santa would be…
    that the dears would come and play in Rotterdam in WATTS (used to be nighttown)
    they know you there…
    well i suppose i can dream if i want….

  2. You guys rocked in Edmonton; it’s been the first time we’ve seen you. Loved your intro and segue into Disclaimer. Your material outclassed your poor fellow tour band’s stuff. We felt a little out of place in the younger crowd, and we certainly could of stood to hear more of your band, but all in all a great evening. I had to laugh at the youngsters shivering outside for a between band smoke….today the roads here are a mess with lots of accidents…you know our pain…Hopefully a full tour of just the Dears will be through again in the near future in better weather. Read a good interview with Murray in Vue, or was it See…..Hope the rest of the tour goes well!

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