After our 2nd Night in Calgary

I wrote this yesterday morning:

We’re driving to Calgary, and it is still cold. I guess it should be a granted, that it is winter in Canada and therefore cold. I think I am perplexed because I’m not sure why I am always cold while I’m sleeping, usually indoors, and definitely outside. I think I might start wearing my coat all the time. Touring affirms all your most innate impulses: your survival instincts. Hunger, warmth, sleep, work and fighting boredom.

Edmonton’s show last night was great/weird. The room, in a conference center, was a rectangle with the stage at one end. Then in the center of the room there were two sets of bleachers not facing the stage but facing each other. At any rate, there was a mosh pit and crowd surfing which at times I felt was energizing and also confusing. Energizing because I have to think of myself at a younger teened-age, and how I reacted to music. Concerts were a big deal. And these being all ages shows makes that youthful enthusiasm invigorating. Were they listening to the music? I dunno…they must have been listening to some aspect of it, to be able to react to its lows and highs. Confusing, because I wonder if it is appropriate to mosh to “Money Babies”? I mean, there are no rules. So long as nobody gets squished or hurt.

I also tried to take some pictures, but they are totally pathetic so I’m gonna keep trying. I haven’t been partying much on this tour. The shows are very early and after putting Neptune to bed, I usually want to hit the hay myself. There’s just no point to not sleeping enough or being hung over when I get up with her at 8AM every day. So as the bus pulls out of town, and everybody rushes on after a night at the bar (or backstage), I am already (hopefully) toasty

And tonight I’m adding:

Wow. These two shows in Calgary were really amazing. Murray gave a little speech tonight before “Lights Off,” which he hadn’t done yet on this tour, and probably won’t again. We leave for Kamloops at 3AM this morning, so I’m gonna call it. Thanks to everyone who came out and listened, lit up their lighters, clapped and sang along, I love you all.

One Reply to “After our 2nd Night in Calgary”

  1. sorry I missed both your shows but it’s damned cold out there at night. I was rocking with a jingle bell at home.Maybe in TO.

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