Happy Holidays!

Got home last night at 11PM. For us, Christmas was never a really big deal. But suddenly when you have kids around it gets more important. Commercialization aside, there is something mystical about this time of year. Neptune and I walked along Burrard St. in Vancouver the other night and passed a hospital that was covered in lights. Atop one roof peak was a firework-like burst of lights that Neptune was taken by. She said that when she got home she would tell her cousin about it.

Touring right up until Christmas Eve, I thought, would suck but not be that bad. In the end it was not bad at all, except for the unusual double snow storm that hit Vancouver and thus delayed or canceled tons of flights. Ours was delayed 2 hours, getting us in to Montreal at 9:30. We waited what felt an eternity for our luggage, drove Laura to her dad’s and then went home. Murray and I both thought Neptune would fall asleep in the car for sure, but the knowledge of presents waiting for her at home kept her awake. We waited until midnight exactly and then opened our gifts.

Our Christmas was unconventional and I would not travel Christmas Eve by choice. I’d prefer simply to be home, or with family. And we were in the end: just our new little family, and I am wholly grateful for that.

Whatever you celebrate, wherever you are, happy holidays to you, too.

4 Replies to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Thanks so much for the great set of shows in Vancouver. We came to see The Dears for two nights and just couldn’t get enough. What an incredible, tight, moving performance. Just loving the new album. PLEASE come back soon. PLEASE! Happy Holidays

  2. i know what you mean like xmas was graet when i was a child ,but for years i didn`t vare much.
    since i have a kid when it`s totally different..
    it does get special….
    but the wife and is still watch nightmare before christmas on xmas eve….it`s great….
    hope the rest of the holls are good…

  3. I agree whole-heartedly about the “beauty” of Christmas when you have children. I have a 4 and 2 year old and this Christmas was the best of my life.

    I wanted to thank you and the Dears for this year. You guys have meant a lot to me over the last couple years. Thankfully, I did get to see you guys in Solana Beach and thought you were amazing. Very nice of you and Murray to come out, shake hands, etc.

    I miss Canada – a couple summers ago, I took a solo road trip from Baltimore to Yellowknife to San Diego. Loved it.

    Thanks again for all.

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