Making a Video

We shot a video this weekend with totally awesome director Christopher Mills. It was the most un-stressful, pleasant filmmaking experience I had ever had…and I think the funnest shoot I have been on in a looooong time…like since…um, ever. The song was “Disclaimer,” which the whole band basically had to perform about 30 times in front of a green screen. Here are some photos of the band between takes. If our hair looks crazy its because there was also this giant fan blowing on us that kept knocking stuff over (cymbal stand, mic stand) and made me lose balance a few times. It was a really intense fan. And if we look greasy its because we are. We’re supposed to be underwater; doesn’t look like much just with the green screen but I think it’s gonna be cool. The director is the guy with the glasses. I also realised there are no pictures of me…but there are enough pics of me on this blog already…you can see the piano I was playing…

2 Replies to “Making a Video”

  1. Woohoo! I love Disclaimer and the last video for Babies was inspiring.

    Filmmaking can be a fun experience if enough silly stuff happens on set AND everyone is getting along (mostly).

    Hope you’re all resting up… for another trip to Seattle 🙂

  2. What a BLAST!!!!! Too bad Neptune got too tired.
    She would be under the waves with Nemo & Ariel.
    Congrats that Missiles rose from #19 back up to # 5 on ChartAttack music chart.
    With a new video release, hopefully Missiles will explode back up the charts for a long cruise.

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