What Will Become of the Spinning Newspaper?

One of my guiltiest pleasures is an additcion to PerezHilton.com (everyone has to get their celebrity street trash from somewhere). Anyhow, Perez has been reporting almost daily of cutbacks and layoffs in the media, most recently at newspapers like Tuscon Citizen and Minneapolis Star Tribune.

At any rate, the other day we were watching Spider-Man 2, — which, incidentally, Neptune loves, along with the Star Wars movies. She finds the Ewoks funny, which I think was the intention. — and they showed a spinning newspaper with a headline, pertinent to the storyline. I know with Spider-Man there is a particular relevance to newspapers, what with Peter Parker, the Daily Bugle and all, but it made me think: what will become of the spinning newspaper, if newspapers cease to exist? Will it be replaced with a spinning list of Google Search Results? Who knows.

This post is not anything, but a brief thought on culture, and how things are more interconnected that we sometimes think.

4 Replies to “What Will Become of the Spinning Newspaper?”

  1. Personally, I find that newspapers waste a lot of paper, editing information to the owners political, and ethical needs.Whole sections dedicated to the wasteful car economy. Yes, there is a certain tactile pleasure in holding your reading material in front of you.But reading off a bright computer screen doesn’t seem fulfilling for me, maybe it’s a generational thing.
    Will future generations watching superman movies wonder what “The Daily Planet ” means? Will anyone care?

  2. the spinning paper – such a neat phrase. I’ll send something else on that soon. It’s poor death is sure to come.

  3. thanks for the inspiration …

    the spinning papers

    when the old words
    familiar and warm to touch, pass
    buried by time and technology
    the spinning papers slow
    the eventual ignore and burn away
    the old pounded away again
    the new words, cold and electronic
    now have their chance
    a short life waiting
    for the next end of spin

    bar – http://www.blpawelek.com

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