Mobile Update; Winter

Maybe some of you have noticed. I got a new mobile phone…well, it’s a double hand-me-down (used to belong to my uncle, then to his fiancee, now it is mine). I mean this is fairly boring news, barely blog-worthy, but it is totally exciting for me. The real upgrade that I have from ancient Blackberry to slightly more modern Blackberry is the addition of a camera. For any of you who are my friends on Facebook, you will have noticed that I’ve been getting into the mobile photo uploads AND I was thinking of going as far as sending status updates from the road.

Well since I wrote that this morning, I spent a few minutes adding Twitter to this blog (look to the top right column…there it is!). Now I have to get a better text messaging package because all these mobile updates are going to destroy my mobile bill. Anyway, I’m just at a bar in Sherbrooke, QC where we are playing tonight. I’m having a novelty sized jug of Hoegaarden, with a lemon twist. Very girly but surprisingly satisfying in the winter.

My socks have been soggy since load-in. Luckily I have back-up show socks in my bag. I must get new boots next winter…just trying to get through this one first…

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