Best thing all day.

The best thing I saw today was this video Lisa found on YouTube:

I lurvs it! It is flattery at its finest…what do you think?

In about five minutes Nunya is coming over and we have to head down to the church for soundcheck. To be honest, hometown gigs always make me a little nervous. They are kind of my least-looked-forward to shows, though afterwards I am always the most elated. They are a roller coaster of emotions. Something to look forward to.

4 Replies to “Best thing all day.”

  1. well move over the dears because these guys rock the room….
    like if murray is sick and can`t do a concert these guys can fall in for you…
    hope your hometown gig went well.
    take care

  2. Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery….and to go to the trouble of learning such great music.
    Keep practising guys!

  3. just read your twitterings and can`t reply to them ithink?
    but just had to say i know how you feel about sleeping in… since we had our son 2 1/2 years ago it`s like no more sleeping in..
    like i was like the worlds best person to sleep in..
    i could go the whole day sometimes…
    by the way how many times have you seen peter pan..
    lost count here….

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