After spending the past few days with my flu-ridden daughter, fighting 102 degree temperatures and projectile-sneezed snots, I suddenly got paranoid. Germophobed-out. I’ve been compulsively washing my hands…so in addition to the cold-weather dryness, my pale, wrinkled hands look like they belong to an 80-year-old. And right before Neptune’s bath time I chewed a full clove of raw garlic without gagging, chugged it down with a glass of water and am now contemplating an apple cider vinegar chaser. These are my flu remedies, in lieu of vitamin C and B complex, or a crate of clementines.

For myriad reasons, I cannot WAIT for Mexico.

9 Replies to “Germs”

  1. Lots and lots of water, the more you drink the faster you will flush any nasty germs out.

    I also find that ecanasha works for boosting the immune system, there’ve been a few times when I started to get sick, took a whole lot of it and then didn’t get sick.

    As for the hands try cocoa butter soap, you can wash your hands a ton without drying them out too much.

    Just my .02

  2. Water actually energizes the body and is totally essential especially with winter dryness in the house .Coffee depletes water from your system dehydrating rather than counting as a cup of water.
    Vitamin C & D are good too.

  3. Raw garlic with a vinegar chaser? oh, god no. My prayers are with you with that.

    A thought: on the way in/out of Mexico, please come back and play San Diego again. Hell, we are practically in Mexico already!

    Plus, today was 75 degrees and sunny!!

  4. And the other way round, we cannot wait to see you guys back here in Mexico!

    And by the way, I really really hope you can add to your setlist that marvelous song “bandwagoneers”. Greetings!

  5. We can’t wait for you either, and the weather is sunny and balmy here in Guadalajara. Best luck fighting those germs!

  6. Oh my god!, only one day away from THE gig, pretty sure is gonna be one of the best days of my life, I’m gonna be the crazy girl that dances as a maniac.

    🙂 Thank you for everything.

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