More on Perez Hilton

I love Perez Hilton, totally addicted, can’t stop talking about it. Even you are sick of reading about me talking about it. It’s like a car crash: I just cannot look away but I gotta say…he has THE WORST taste in music. So it’s curious that he’s considered such a tastemaker…I mean, I understand that super pop is his thing but some of that stuff he hypes is pret-ty weak. Pop does not have to be shit, though sadly most of it is, but a good song and thoughtful production still hold value, at least to me. I’ve sometimes speculated whether or not he is paid to “recommend” things. I’d hope not, and I doubt it because then he’d be as shady as the shit he disses so I will give him that credit at least. No payola for Perez, in my books. He seems to be straight up when something on his site is sponsored, which I appreciate a lot.

At one point I was like: “Wouldn’t it be rad if Perez was into The Dears?” but then was like: “We are way too dark and real.” Much like real life. Which is the biggest problem: real life. That’s why Perez is rad: he offers the opposite, a fantasy world where the lines between reality and bullcrap are delightfully blurred.

Read more about it here.

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