Bring Back the Victory Garden

Why did this stop? North Americans in the 1950’s got so obsessed with consumerism and plenty vs. constant rations and shortages, that they forgot about the earth…which I guess after a world war is forgivable. But taking is always easier than giving. So while reading the Economist I was reminded about the Victory Garden: a WWII effort where Americans were encouraged to turn their backyards into vegetable gardens and grow their own food. Could you imagine? What would Michael Pollan say?

I was listening to the CBC news and they said a report issued by the city of Montreal on climate change and reducing our individual carbon footprints recommended Montrealers wash their laundry in cold water and eat less meat. Though, of course, I can’t find a link to back it up, because asking an entire population to eat less meat, while inspiring and groundbreaking, is also kind of unbelievable.

My friend Jason sent me this interview with Louis CK – a comedian – on Conan last year: “Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy.” And I kind of agree…we should be more grateful for our lives, live less with a feeling of entitlement and more with a sense of giving, sharing and community. We should rely on ourselves first, rather than on Wikipedia to answer all our questions (of which I am so guilty). Imagine if we reconsidered our real estate: not just a house full of things and stuff and the right paint colours, but as land. Could you imagine?

Less PS3 and more gardening…except in winter when we can’t get to the soil for six months. Although the “Victory Garden” does sound like a level in Bioshock….maybe that’s what I like about it…

6 Replies to “Bring Back the Victory Garden”

  1. Put a glass porch on the back of the house and you have a winter crop too. Lots is possible just takes MONEY to build and do.

  2. Laura Barretts album title was prophetic, just not in the way she wanted I don’t think.

    I think the world has been moving in the direction you suggest for awhile. At least in Toronto I’ve found people (the ones who actually live here not the downtown commuters) less materialistic, more sharing, more interested in urban gardening, and helping one another even before this started.

    Maybe someday I’ll be able to have a sticker that says “I was nice before it was cool”

  3. YES!!
    This summer will be my first summer as a vegetable gardener. I am very excited and want to plant EVERYTHING! Such satisfaction in growing your own veg and eating it without wondering what that shiny film is..

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