Morrissey vs. BBQ

This I can respect: Morrissey exhausted by the smell of BBQ. I mean, this would never occur to most people, but the air you breathe during a show is important. It can make you faint, high, nauseous, or leave you breathless. The Dears nicknamed one venue “the chicken wing joint” because that’s what everything smelled like…onstage and off. Perez calls Morrissey a diva, but really, that’s like the kettle calling the pot black.

2 Replies to “Morrissey vs. BBQ”

  1. Heh…I helped book you at “the chicken wing joint” and recorded a phoner with you before the show.

    I don’t miss it there.

  2. Complete with an oblivious Students’ Union “marketing” team who printed posters for the show with photos of people who weren’t even in the band at that point.

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