Power Blog

This is a power blog. I am doing what feels like a billion things at once: planning the tour book with Chris and Laura; checking our cashflow and budgets; scheduling a visit with my Cousin Laura in NYC; locking down press; blogging. All before my noon appointment with Lisa for a haircut. Anyway, it feels great and the coffee makes it seem possible though I definitely will crash hard later. I feel the stress-knots in my back tightening…nothing some morning yoga won’t fix.

This has been my daily thing for the last two weeks. It’s intense. It’s the pre-tour mania I’ve been blogging about.

The main inspiration was this newsletter my Cousin Laura forwarded to me about Canadians in New York: Upper North Side….anyway I can’t figure out how to include the email newsletter here but it announces The Dears shows we have coming up, but also my Cousin’s art show she has opening next week. Our family is all over that thing!

New Yorkers (Long Islanders?) go check out Sheila Ross and (Cousin) Laura Ten Eyck’s YC3 outdoor installation project at Art Sites Gallery. Opening May 2nd. More info here.

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