Half Mast Download + Interview

One of my favourite songs that we recorded for Missiles is “Half Mast.” But for whatever reason when we were putting the album together, it stuck as the odd man out. So it didn’t make the album. But it is still an awesome song. Anyway it’s been released as a free download so put the thing on your iPod already! BTW the crickets and howling wolves were my idea.

Listen and/or download “Half Mast” (mp3) by The Dears.

Additionally, just did an interview with Toronto Blog The Singing Lamb. I think I sound smart…though I also think I sound full of shit. So somewhere in the middle will have to suffice.

6 Replies to “Half Mast Download + Interview”

  1. Hey Natalia,
    Melody from the Singing Lamb; sorry for the long delay, but I’d just like to thank you for the interview! I thought your answers were fantastic; wasn’t full of shit at all – unless it was highly intelligent shit. Caught you guys on at the Mod Club; great show. Here are some photos: http://tiny.cc/itLXj

    Enjoy, and thanks again!

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