Another Tour Starting Without a Hitch!

I am writing this from home…we were supposed to be on the road, headed to Toronto three hours ago. But in the early hours of the day, as the band started to arrive, we found out that the bus that was meant to take us out for the next six weeks has been stolen. We’ve spent the last hours figuring out how we’re supposed to get to Toronto, how the gear’s getting there, troubleshooting trailers, waiting for the rental companies to open, figuring out the best plan. Anyway, I should go organize the gear.

3 Replies to “Another Tour Starting Without a Hitch!”

  1. Currently my boyfriend is experiencing some transportation difficulties too. Hopefully we can make it out to the show tonight on time. Let’s hope everything works out!! =) Good luck!

  2. Hey Natalia; it was really nice meeting you and the rest of the band last night. I wanted to apologize for the night; I honestly did enjoy the show though. Even though there was a lot of stress on the band earlier in the day, you still performed amazingly. Tell Murray we said sorry as well =( We didn’t mean to cause any trouble.

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