Update from New Mexico

I’ve been meaning to write something here for the past week. At night, after the shows I’ve been making notes to myself; things I’d like to remember, tapped into my blackberry before I drift away. I’ve been so tired lately: this has been our first headlining tour with Neptune as a toddler: and while she sleeps very regularly, she is in bed before we go on stage, and crawling into my bunk wanting to hang out by 8AM. Needless to say, running on 6-hours sleep catches up. For example, last night I typed this: “Murrays frunk dtanp.” I have no idea what this means: I’ll ask around, but I think he was doing something silly that I wanted to remember…ah well: fail that.

I had started a post that was led-off by a live photo I saw online of myself with total crazy eyes. Not very flattering, more comical than anything else. But I can’t find it anymore…it was taken at one of the shows the first week of this tour…I’m looking down with a totally intense look at my keyboards. Like if you photoshopped out my keyboards and replaced them with, say, lightning bolts or some other energy beam of wizardly origin, it would be A) really funny, and B) totally appropriate. So if anyone sees that on the ‘net let me know…

Best reasons I’ve actually been given for shows not being completely sold out: recession, Monday night, tornado warning, rain, hailstorm, swine flu, graduation, competition from The Killers, seniors bingo night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, etc, etc. Dealing with promoters is like dealing with record labels: they are the conduits that translate music into dollars. They feel badly when things aren’t making gobs of money. For me, the shows have been really inspiring, really great. Their measure of success is quality, not quantity. The people who are coming out are incredible: bringing the show to the hardcores is important, and the gratitude of all the people I’ve met after the gig or whenever is more important than money; they make it all worthwhile.

Anyway, some might call this attitude naïve. I call it realistic. I expect to endure, and you can’t burn the brightest forever. I’d rather glow for a long time than burn out.

3 Replies to “Update from New Mexico”

  1. Don’t worry – no senior bingo nights in San Diego. See you guys tomorrow night! Pls play There goes my outfit – wife’s fav.

  2. Hey Natalia! Can’t wait to see you guys in L.A.! My friend said the show in Chicago almost made him cry it was so good. See ya saturday!

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