Tour Recovery

I am in a state of mild shock: being home from a six-week tour is disorientating. Not to mention catching a cold, which is a classic way for my body to react. Like I gotta keep it together for the shows (despite the conditions: never enough sleep, eating badly, boozing out of boredom, dehydrated, breathing nasty bus air) and as soon as tour’s done my body crashes hard. Invariably.

Anyhow, I do have a lot to say. I’ve been working on a tour wrap-up blog with lots of thoughts, photos and memories I wanted to share. But I’m barely able to stay awake so will need a few more days of post-tour recovery.

Until then see what the blogosphere had to say about it:

Photos from Winnipeg by Stephanie Willer

Poetry review and photos of Winnipeg by Eugene Osudar

Painting over silence (Winnipeg) show review

Pics from San Francisco by Andria Lo

Show review ans pics from Where The Sidewalk Ends blog (Vancouver)

Impressions by My Favourite Adventure blog (Vancouver)

A photo by John Carlow (Victoria, I think)

Review from 3AM Revelations blog (Vancouver)

Review in (Los Angeles)

Anyway, there are tons more…these are just the last few that came up. Feel free to post links in the comments section below. Thanks to all who came out and shared the love with us. There was lots of it going around on this tour. Massive love first of all to my band mates and crew: Benvie, Tanya, Renaud, Laura, Jason, Yann (rhymes with “done”), Chris, Maya, Neptune and of course my personal fave, Murray. Also thanks to new touring BFFs Eulogies, Great Northern, Jets Overhead and Black Diamond Bay for the great times. And for drinking our rider. LOL indeed.

3 Replies to “Tour Recovery”

  1. Thanks for the collection of some great photos!
    Glad to see you’re out & about again. Hope you get rested. Does Murray have the energy to start working on new songs already? The creative force of the UNIVERSE is being tuned & channelled thru him to produce such wonderful music

  2. I am sure you just picked some blogs at random, but thank you so much for including mine (3am revelations)
    It made my day when I saw it here!!
    Thanks again, for the show and everything.

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